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Our Company

XPEL Technologies, is the manufacturer of XPEL™ Automotive Paint, Headlamp and window Protection Films.

XPEL Technologies is the manufacturer of XPEL™ Automotive Paint and Headlamp Protection Films. Focusing all of our efforts on improving paint protection film technology, XPEL has forged the cutting-edge of automotive protection technology and leads the industry in quality, service and customer satisfaction. From our exciting ULTIMATE Paint Protection Film with its unique self-healing properties to our long proven headlight protection film that has been wildly successful in preventing degradation of polycarbonate headlamp lenses since 1999, XPEL has the right product at the right price. XPEL offers expert installation at any of our company locations around the world. Contact us today for more details.


XPEL Letchworth

Devonshire Business Centre #29

Letchworth, Hertfordshire SG6 1GJ

United Kingdom

+44 1462-488287


618 W. Sunset Road

San Antonio, Texas 78216 U.S.A

Toll Free: (800) 447-9928

International : (210) 678-3700


618 W. Sunset Road

San Antonio, Texas 78216 U.S.A

Toll Free: (210) 880-0600


8222 North Lamar Suite E40-41

Austin, TX 78753

(512) 220-2009


220 Barren Springs Rd, Suite 3

Houston, TX 77090

(713) 373-3546